Events & Announcements

Sunday services: 8:30 & 10:30
Thursday service: 7:00 pm


2nd​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
9th​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
12th​ Biscuits & Gravy, upstairs, 9:30
16th​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
23rd ​Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
26th​ Potluck, upstairs, 11:30
30th​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
30th​ Gazette deadline, ([email protected])


6th Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
9th​ Biscuits & Gravy, upstairs, 11:30
13th​Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
20th​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
23rd​ Potluck, upstairs, 11:30
27th​ Soup & Games, upstairs, 5:30
27th​ Gazette deadline, ([email protected])

If you have an event and want to add it to the calendar, and it has been approved, please contact: Brenda Green: 417-860-4510 (or) e-mail: [email protected]

If you have anything to correct in the monthly calendar, please contact: Brenda Green: 417-860-4510 (or) e-mail: [email protected]

This month we have two volunteers that stepped right up and made sure the Biscuits & Gravy Event went smoothly and that was Carolyn Underwood and Brenda Farabee.  Thank you ladies for all your help, you are a blessing !

For those wanting events added to the calendar, please contact Brenda Green by the 15th each month for the upcoming month so that we may be able to include the event information in the Gazette and update the website.


Here at the Sac River Cowboy Church we place a high priority on fellowship and along with our brand of fellowship comes a lot of good eatin’.

Every second Sunday of the month we have our Biscuits and Gravy breakfast.  The folks are invited to join us  immediately following the first service. John O’Quinn and his wife Melinda get up pretty early in the morning to make enough biscuits and gravy to feed the 250 to 300 people that will attend the breakfast.

Every fourth Sunday of the month all are invited to sit down and enjoy a good old fashioned pot luck lunch. Everyone is invited to bring his or her favorite dish to add to the long tables filled with meats, breads, veggies, casseroles and maybe even that old family recipe that you just can’t get enough of. Oh, and the desserts. Well, that’s something that best left to learn about first hand! You won’t go away disappointed (or empty bellied!).

And while you’re there  be sure to say hello to Dorothy and Glenn High. We really appreciate  all of their efforts in making sure these fellowship dinners go smoothly.