Positioning Statement: SIMPLY REAL

Purpose Statement: Love God completely and each other sacrificially

What is so different about us?

1. We don’t take up an offering or raise funds.

We believe that when a person’s heart is right with the Lord, his stewardship of time, tithe and talent reflects Biblical giving standards.

2. We don’t offer a public invitation, and celebrate new believers at their baptism.

3. We don’t make church about politics and organizational drama.

We try to make our meetings about two things – Worship and relationship building.

4. We don't make a lot of announcements.

5. We don’t vote as a church.

  • However, we seek to communicate openly and often
  • Our Pastors lead spiritually
  • Our directors lead administratively
  • The people who call this church home trust and follow the leaders

6. We don’t strategically start small groups or mission-specific ministries.

However, we bless and partner with organic,
Spirit-led, mission-specific groups.

7. We don’t borrow money.

We value the pay-as-you-go method of church financing.

8. We don’t keep all church giving for the Sac River Church.

We try to give away a large percentage of church donations.

9. We don’t have a baptistery.

We use a watering trough and the Sac River.

10. We don’t have church membership.

11. We don’t belong to a formal denomination.

12. We don’t plan to have a large vocational church staff.

All other volunteers we pay with appreciation and honor.

We value volunteers and hire staff only when absolutely necessary and then seek people who love the Lord and people over their talent.

When we believe God is leading us to add pastoral staff, we will look for people who can coach volunteers.

13. We don’t have a complex mission statement:

Love God completely and each other sacrificially

14. We don’t have an organized growth, visitation or follow-up program.

We have found word of mouth and friendship/kinship networking is the best growth plan.

15. We don’t have official greeters. Everyone is on the welcoming team.

16. We try not to care who gets the credit so all glory goes to God.

17. We don’t miss an opportunity to laugh, sing or eat together.

18. We don’t prioritize excellence but prefer authenticity.

What we do for the Lord through the Cowboy Church doesn’t have to be good in the world’s eyes, but it has to be our best.

19. We don't cancel our worship services because of bad weather

We let you decide whether or not it is safe for you to drive.


Welcome home to the Sac River Cowboy Church!

In 2005 Don and Mary Greene, along with Billy and Ronda Epperson went to the home of Max and Andrea Kimbrough for a meeting with Jim Matthews and his staff from the Cape County Cowboy Church about the possibility of starting up a cowboy church in Springfield.
Mary Greene writes…

Their sincerity and enthusiasm inspired me. Tears ran down his face when their music leader, a big hulk of a man, tried to express what his involvement in that church had meant to his life. When Don and I went to Sikeston to visit their church of about 400 people in and old sale barn and I heard the music and the joy of their worship I was hooked.

Our group first began to meet regularly in the summer of 2006 in the barn at the Scott Jett ranch on BB Highway. Scott would play his guitar and lead the group in songs and choruses. Max Kimbrough or others would bring the message. Billy Epperson conducted a “horse whispering” event and our first baptism was Calden Jett who was baptized by his father in a horse tank. This is such a precious memory of those days, particularly made so by the untimely death of Scott in is motorcycle accident barely two years later.

The group included Max and Andrea Kimbrough, Billy and Ronda Epperson, Don and Mary Greene, Scott, Cori and their three children, Shad and Jennifer Walker and their two boys, Rebecca and Kim Jones and others who visited from time to time. We picked the Sac River Cowboy Church name and designed the logo.

As the weather began to cool, we looked for a warmer place for services and found the Springfield Sale Barn on Division Street. It was a dusty place, little used, with heaters that were noisy and slow to warm even the upper levels, but it was free. It was there that a charter bus full of Christians touring the city to pray for new works, stopped off to pray for the new fledging cowboy church. Enter Scotty Killingsworth, one of those prayer warriors, pastor of Evergreen Church. Scotty was moved to suggest that he might help us with our mission since he, himself, had felt led to the cowboy/rural/country mission field. It seems that God was working both ends toward the middle. He agreed to be our Circuit Ridin’ Preacher for a 2-year commitment (for free), and introduced us to Denny Gold, a cowboy poet. Then, suddenly the sale barn was sold, to be torn down and we had one week to find another meeting place.

Scotty approached the people at Springfield Livestock Market who agreed to allow us to use the facility – again for free. It was then we began to organize and give form to the Sac River Cowboy Church as it is today.
On January 14, 2007, Max D Kimbrough, with three incorporators, Donald L Greene, Billy G. Epperson, and Dennis Gold petitioned the Missouri Secretary of State for incorporation of Sac River Cowboy Church. This incorporation was granted on January 29, 2007.

Where do we go from here? Only God knows the answer. We must trust God, stay in his will and way and follow. Eternity is the ultimate goal.